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COVID-19 UPDATE: The Jigsaw Doctor is still open and accepting orders during the coronavirus pandemic.

For customers in the UK who do not have access to the web, these instructions are also available in a mailing pack which can be printed out. The instructions are also available by writing to us at the address given in Step 2 below enclosing a stamped, addressed envelope. > Download Mailing Pack (UK only!)

We advise you to carefully read all of the instructions to prevent your order from being delayed.

Send us the surrounding pieces

For the Jigsaw Doctor to make your replacement piece you will need to send him the pieces that surround the missing piece.

A copy of the picture will help if you have it.

IMPORTANT: We MUST be sent the surrounding pieces. We cannot make your replacement piece from just a picture - even a photocopy, or an accurate tracing.

We require the surrounding jigsaw pieces to the one that is missing as they are physically used as a mould to make the replacement piece, in addition to being used for accurate colour matching. The surrounding pieces will, of course, be returned with the replacement piece.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unprecedented demands on our services your order will take up to 6 to 8 weeks to process from receipt of your surrounding pieces.

Your hand-made replacement jigsaw puzzle piece will be a good approximation of the original missing piece. The replacement pieces are not made from cardboard or wood. Instead, they are produced using a special epoxy putty that sets like hard plastic.

Please note the following:

  • The material used to reproduce your missing piece is a different colour to the original cardboard or wood.
  • Colour matching of the image will be as close as possible to the original, but is not guaranteed to be 100% perfect*. (It will be difficult to spot the replacement without reasonably close examination).
  • The material used to make the replacement is very strong, but will break if mis-handled. Treat it like your other pieces and it should be ok, but don't bend it or tread on it!

* Believe it or not, the hardest jigsaw pieces to match are the ones that consist of one plain colour. Even more so if the colour is a very subtle shade. Blue pieces (such as sky) are particularly tricky.

Please also see our Terms & Conditions.

Examples of replacement piece

The Basics


Complete the jigsaw puzzle(s) and identify the missing piece(s) to be replaced.
Full Details


Put the surrounding pieces in a good quality envelope, along with your details.
Full Details

STEP 3 (Optional)

Send us a copy of the picture from the box. Don't worry if you can't, we can usually find a picture on the web.
Full Details


Make your payment.

Full Details

STEP 1 - Complete the jigsaw puzzle and identify the missing piece(s).

Measure the largest dimension of the jigsaw piece

First put the jigsaw puzzle(s) together to check for the missing piece(s).

Measure the LARGEST dimension (including the 'lugs') of the hole for the piece(s) to be replaced and make a note for later as this will affect the price.

If there are two or more missing pieces side by side they will be replaced by one larger replacement piece. Please measure the LARGEST dimension (including the 'lugs') of the hole of all the missing pieces together and purchase this as a single, larger piece.

Edge pieces cost the same as inner pieces.

STEP 2 - Put the surrounding pieces in a good quality envelope, along with your details.

You can send us as many sets of surrounding pieces from as many different jigsaw puzzles together in the same envelope as you like, provided that they are packed and identified as described below.

How many pieces to send

Where you can, we want you to send two layers of surrounding pieces around the missing piece.

24 surrounding pieces

If your missing piece is away from any edges please send the surrounding 24 pieces to your missing piece. Include any edge pieces if necessary. If you cannot send 24 because it is too close to the edge, don't worry.

14 pieces around edge piece
If the missing piece is an edge piece, then the surrounding 14 pieces will be enough.
8 pieces surrounding corner piece

If the missing piece is a corner piece, then you only need to send the surrounding 8 pieces.

Two adjacent missing pieces
If you have more than one missing piece together, please send at least 2 pieces in each direction surrounding the missing pieces. Include any edge pieces as necessary.

Non-Interlocking Pieces

If you are sending pieces from a jigsaw that has lots of different shaped pieces (or 'whimsies') that don't fully interlock, please make sure that you send enough pieces so that there is a stable set of pieces that cannot move against each other.

Old wooden jigsaw puzzles are usually cut like this, and the Jigsaw Doctor needs enough pieces to be sure of the shape of the hole that the missing piece occupies.

If you feel that there is any chance that we may not be able to make the correct sized piece because there are not enough pieces, then add some more! (Although don't send us the whole puzzle as it will cost more to return it).
A wooden jigsaw puzzle - all pieces do not interlock

How to Pack the Surrounding Pieces

We recommend you place the assembled pieces on a sheet of stiff cardboard then wrap this with cling film (best method) or similar plastic sheet, or paper. Then apply another piece of stiff cardboard on top of the pieces and tape the two pieces of card together.

Use a good quality envelope to send the packaged pieces.

Please do not tape the actual pieces together or use BluTac or a similar self-adhesive product either on the front or the reverse of the pieces, as this may damage them.
Please ensure that the pieces are packed assembled, and in such a way that they will not come apart during shipping. If we have to re-assemble poorly packed pieces we reserve the right to charge an additional fee to do so.
The price to ship your pieces to us is affected by the weight of your package. Do not over pack the pieces. One or two pieces of strong cardboard just larger than the jigsaw pieces will be sufficient. Try and use an envelope which is just a bit larger than your packed pieces. Any unnecessary extra weight will make the cost to ship higher.
Please do not send your jigsaw puzzle pieces in any type of box, unless you do not want the box to be returned.
Our postage rates are based on return of the pieces in a padded envelope and will not cover the additional weight of a box.

Information Required

Please provide the following information (in the envelope and written on a separate piece of paper) with your jigsaw puzzle pieces:

Use the same name that the order was placed under so that we can marry your pieces with your order.
  • Your name
  • Your full mailing address
  • Your telephone number (in case we need to contact you)
  • Your e-mail address
  • The manufacturer, title and product number of the jigsaw puzzle, if you can find them. (Please look around on the jigsaw puzzle box).
  • Gift Certificate Number (if you are redeeming a gift certificate)
  • Payment order number or payment (see Step 4). (Do not include a copy of your order).

Where to Mail the Pieces

Mail the jigsaw puzzle pieces, and required information to:

Company Name: The Jigsaw Puzzle Doctor,
Address 1: 4 The Old School House,
Address 2: Lower Sea Lane,
City: Charmouth,
State/Province: Dorset,
Postal/Zip Code: DT6 6LJ,
Country: United Kingdom.

Note to customers in the UK: Please ensure that you affix sufficient postage to your package. It is highly unlikely that simply placing a 1st or 2nd class stamp will be sufficient. We advise you to take your package to the post office to have its weight and size checked. If you do not affix enough postage, Royal Mail will charge us the additional postage, plus a £1 additional handling charge to receive your package. If this occurs, we will have no option but to pass this charge on to the customer.
IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION: To avoid unnecessary customs duty or tax, when completing the customs form please do not mark the value of the package as greater than US$. (£15).
In addition, do not include a copy of your order/invoice because, if your parcel is opened by customs, they will use the order value on the invoice rather than the value on the customs form to calculate the duty or tax.
If this is not complied with, and customs apply import duty, we will have no option but to pass this cost on to the customer.
Consider using your local post office to send the pieces, rather than a courier service such as UPS, FedEx or DHL. You will find that the cost is significantly lower (up to 50% less) to send your pieces using the post office, even if you ask for the delivery to be tracked, and may not take much longer to reach us.
Don't forget to include your return address on the envelope so that, in the event there is a problem with delivery of your package, it can be safely returned to you.

Please Note: We WILL NOT pass your details to anyone else. Privacy Policy

IMPORTANT: The Jigsaw Doctor (Quantum Enterprises) will not be held responsible for jigsaw puzzle pieces lost in the mail. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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STEP 3 (Optional) - Send us a copy of the puzzle picture from the box or poster

You can skip this step if you are happy to let the Jigsaw Doctor try and re-create the missing part of the image using clues from the surrounding pieces. However, if your missing piece contains an important part of the picture then a picture of it will help us make the best replacement.

What Type of Picture is Useful?

Useless Photo

Useless Photo - No Thanks
This is a photo of what you will be sending to us in the mail, so please don't waste your time!

Poor Photo

Poor Photo - Better than nothing
This photo shows us the whole picture but it is too small and is at an angle.

OK Photo

Okay Photo - Getting there
This photo is more helpful as it is more zoomed in on the area where the piece is missing.

Good Photo

Good Photo - Nailed it!
This photo is great. It's zoomed right into the area where the piece is missing and is detailed and in focus. (Please Note: Cropping the previous 'Poor Photo' and 'Ok Photo' images is not satisfactory as we can do that!).

We request the picture from the box so that we can see the part of the image that is missing. A PHOTOGRAPH OF THE PUZZLE WITH THE PIECE MISSING DOES NOT PROVIDE US WITH THE INFORMATION WE REQUIRE.

Ideally, we want a close up of the part of image where the piece is missing. If you can provide a well magnified and sharp section of the image from the relevant area we can use this for the image on the replacement piece.

Here's how you can send us a picture:-

  • A high quality scanned image of the relevant section of the box lid (preferred)
  • A good clear photograph of the relevant section of the box lid
  • A high quality version of the picture from the web
  • The relevant section from the actual box lid.
  • Poster (Some jigsaw puzzles also contain a poster of the completed picture which is also acceptable to send to us with the surrounding pieces).

Whether you scan the box lid, or take a photo, an emailed version of the photo is much more useful than a printed out version that has been mailed to us.

Please don't mark the area where the piece is missing on the image, scanned image or poster, as it may obscure the image we want to replicate. We will be able to locate the position of the missing piece.

How to Scan the Box Lid

If you have a flatbed scanner you can upload a copy of the picture to the Jigsaw Doctor when you place your order.

Don't worry if you can't get the whole box or picture on the scanner. You only need to send the part of the picture that contains the missing piece(s).

  • Scan the picture at at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) using FULL COLOUR. Usually the scanner's default settings should produce good results. If the picture comes out too light or too dark, or the colours look "washed out" or wrong, try changing the settings until you get better results.
  • Save the scanned picture as a JPEG file using your own name in the filename (e.g. johnsmith1.jpg).

How to Photograph the Box Lid

  • Check your camera and see if it has a macro setting. If it has, change it to this setting as it will allow you to get as close as possible to the relevant section of the box.
  • Set the photo quality to maximum.
  • Try and take the photo in the best light setting possible, ideally outside on a sunny day.
  • Keep the camera still whilst taking the photo to prevent blurring.
  • Try and take as large a photo as possible of the relevant section of the box lid.
  • Do not take the photo at an angle.

How to Send the Photos

If you have a digital image of the puzzle picture, then you will be able to upload it in a special section on the payment page.

If you have a hard copy (printed out photo, box lid section or poster), please put it in the envelope with your surrounding jigsaw pieces and information.

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STEP 4 - Payment

You can skip this step if you are redeeming a Gift Certificate.

Please make payment as soon as you are ready to send us the surrounding pieces. That way we will have your order and know to expect them in the mail.

View Prices and Shipping Information (Opens in a new window)

Who Pays The Postage?

When you place your order you will be given a number of postage options to pay for the return of your pieces. You do not need to include a return envelope with pre-paid postage.

You are also responsible for paying the postage to ship the surrounding pieces to the Jigsaw Doctor.

We recommend that you use a 'Signed For' service for shipping your returned pieces, which you can choose when you place your order. The 'Signed For' service usually provides a tracking number to help investigate where your package is should there be a delay. (However, please note that the 'Signed For' service will add up to 5 extra working days to the lead time).
The Jigsaw Doctor is not responsible for any losses in the mail and we recommend you review and consider the possibility and cost of such a loss, particularly if your jigsaw puzzle is irreplaceable.
Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

How to Pay

All customers may pay for the Jigsaw Doctor service on-line using PayPal or by credit card (A PayPal account is NOT REQUIRED to pay online).

UK customers may also pay by cheque or postal order made payable to 'Quantum Enterprises'. (Also see the important notice in the orange box out).

If you wish to purchase more than one replacement piece, simply change the quantity on the payment page.

If you have a double-sided jigsaw, and want both faces of the piece reproduced, please go to the 'Extra Options' category and add this service to your shopping basket. This is in addition to the main replacement service, which you should also add to your shopping basket.

Once the Jigsaw Doctor has received your order you will receive confirmation by e-mail. You will also receive confirmation when we receive your surrounding pieces in the mail.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unprecedented demands on our services your order will take up to 6 to 8 weeks to process from receipt of your surrounding pieces.

Please allow for international postal delays. Credit card debits will be securely made in your own currency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Customers in the UK paying by cheque or postal order.
UK customers should still click the payment button below if you wish to pay by cheque or postal order.

You will be taken to our main shopping website where you will be asked to provide your details. Select 'Print Order Form' as the payment option. The printed order form, which will contain all of your details and order, can then be placed in your envelope with the surrounding pieces. Please make Cheques and Postal Orders payable to 'Quantum Enterprises'.

Clicking on the above button will take you to our main shopping website where you will be asked to make your payment.
UK customers should still click the payment button above if you wish to pay by cheque or postal order. You may choose the 'Print Order Form' rather than PayPal option.