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Quantum Enterprises is based in the United Kingdom, but we will supply worldwide. Prices are quoted in UK Pounds Sterling, with an approximate conversion in US Dollars. However, provided you have a valid credit card, we will accept your order from anywhere in the world in any of the main currencies. Don't worry about converting the UK price into your currency, your credit card company will do this when you make your payment.

Pieces up to 40mm (1 916 inches) on largest dimension:
£9.99 ($ *) per piece
(see below)

Pieces from 41 up to 60mm (1 58 inches to 2 38 inches) on largest dimension:
£12.49 ($ *) per piece
(see below)

Pieces 61mm (2 716 inches) or greater on largest dimension:
£14.99 ($ *) per piece
(see below)

Postage Costs

UK 1st Class: £1.56
UK My Hermes: £3.95

Europe Standard Airmail: £5.00 (€ *)
Europe (Germany) - Landmark: £6.35 (€ *)

USA Standard Airmail: £5.55 ($ *)
USA - Landmark : £10.60 ($ *)

Australia Standard Airmail: £5.55 ($ *)
Australia - Landmark : £10.90 ($ *)

Landmark International shipping costs are illustrations and estimates for selected countries to give you an idea of the amount you'll have to pay for postage. The actual price will be given at checkout. Other courier options will also be available at checkout.

Handling & shipping charges are given for one piece. Additional pieces will increase the shipping charge, but will not necessarily multiply it. You can review the total shipping cost before you finalise your payment. UK customers: please see the notice about payment by cheque or postal order to find out how to ensure you pay the correct amount.

The customer is liable for all postage costs. We will not accept postage charges for the surrounding pieces being sent to us.

We recommend that you use a Courier service for shipping your returned pieces, which you can choose when you place your order. The courier service will provide a tracking number to help investigate where your package is should there be a delay. You can find out more about the courier services available and the loss or damage protection value on our Shipping Page.

The Jigsaw Doctor is not responsible for any losses in the mail and we recommend you review and consider the possibility and cost of such a loss, particularly if your jigsaw puzzle is irreplaceable.
Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Customers in the UK paying by cheque or postal order.
UK customers should still click the payment button on the Instructions Page if you wish to pay by cheque or postal order.

You will be taken to our main shopping website where you will be asked to provide your details. Select 'Print Order Form' as the payment option. The printed order form, which will contain all of your details and order, can then be placed in your envelope with the surrounding pieces. Please make Cheques and Postal Orders payable to 'Quantum Enterprises'.

Measure the largest dimension of the jigsaw piece

The price of a replacement piece depends on its size.

To find the size, measure the LARGEST dimension (including the 'lugs') of the hole for the piece to be replaced.

If there are two or more adjacent missing pieces they will be replaced by one larger replacement piece. Please measure the LARGEST dimension (including the 'lugs') of the hole of all the missing pieces together and purchase this as a single, larger piece.

Edge pieces cost the same as inner pieces.

Two missing pieces together count as one larger piece