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Have you lost a piece from your favourite, customised or collectable jigsaw puzzle?

Has a piece been damaged? Have you bought a second-hand jigsaw puzzle and found it has pieces missing? The Jigsaw Doctor can help...

The Jigsaw Doctor can create replacements for missing cardboard and wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces in a special material, so your new jigsaw piece will be a snug fit for that gaping hole in your prized jigsaw.

We'll make your replacement piece(s) within 2 weeks of receipt. Please allow for postage times either side.
(Postage to and from countries outside of Europe is typically 5 to 10 days).

All you need to do is send us the pieces that surround the missing piece. A picture from the box will help if you can supply one.

Price from only £9.99 ($ *) plus shipping & handling.
Price is for pieces with a maximum dimension of 40mm (1.57"). Larger replacement pieces cost more.

IMPORTANT: You MUST send us the surrounding pieces to the missing piece. We cannot make your replacement piece from a picture alone.

From this...
...to this!

Repaired Jigsaw Puzzle

Repaired Jigsaw Puzzle

My wife and I are ecstatic about the quality of the replacement part, kept looking to see any difference in the fit and color of the piece. Job well done . A jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece is worthless. After spending hours putting it together, and finding one piece missing, it was very disappointing. Thank you for making it complete.
- Anthony Porter (Canada)
The piece made for my puzzle was honestly perfect. I have nothing better to say than "it's perfect". Thank You for supplying my 1,000th piece.
- Marty May (USA)


Don't Delay!

Take that old jigsaw out of the cupboard, closet or attic and give it a new lease of life.

Complete precious collectible jigsaw puzzles.

Never worry again about losing a piece!

Buy second-hand jigsaws confident that you can make them complete.