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The Jigsaw Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of jigsaw puzzle pieces can you replace?

Our service is unique because the Jigsaw Doctor can reproduce the cardboard pieces that you find in jigsaw puzzles that can have many thousands of pieces. However, we can also use the same process and materials to replace wooden jigsaw pieces.
If you have a wooden jigsaw puzzle and wish to have the missing piece specifically replaced with a wooden replica, please go to Bob Armstrong's website (wooden jigsaw puzzles ), or Lisa Lee's web page (specifically TUCO jigsaw puzzles ) to find out how to replace your piece.

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What do I need to do to purchase a replacement jigsaw puzzle piece from the Jigsaw Doctor?

All we will ask you to do is mail the pieces that surround the missing jigsaw puzzle piece, and upload a copy of the picture if you are able to scan, photograph or find one on the web. This is all we need to make your replacement piece. We do not need you to send the entire puzzle and box. Click here for full instructions and to purchase.

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Do you need the original picture to reproduce the missing piece?

Although it really does help if you've got it, it is not vital that you supply a copy of the picture of your jigsaw puzzle. The Jigsaw Doctor can build up the missing part of the picture using clues from the surrounding pieces. However, if each piece contains a lot of detail, or the missing piece contains an important part of the image, then it is best to send the picture if you have it.

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How much does it cost for a replacement jigsaw puzzle piece?

The price of a replacement piece depends upon its size**. Please visit the prices page for full details on how to measure the size of your missing piece and find the cost to replace it. This page also includes postage prices.

** We reserve the right to charge extra for the replacement of extremely large jigsaw pieces.

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How long does it take you to make a replacement piece?

Please allow up to 14 days to produce your replacement jigsaw piece(s) from receipt of your surrounding pieces. Please also allow for international postal delays.

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Can you replace more than one piece at a time?

Yes, if you have more than one piece missing in your jigsaw puzzle, or if you have several jigsaws that you want to have repaired at the same time, you can order multiple replacement pieces. Simply change the quantity on the order page when you add the service to your Shopping Basket, or send the correct amount via cheque, postal order or money order if you are paying by one of these methods.
Click here for full instructions and to purchase.

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What happens if there are two adjacent missing pieces?

If there are two adjacent missing pieces that require replacement, they will be replaced with one larger piece and only charged for as one replacement piece of the larger size.

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Can you reproduce edge pieces or pieces that are strangely shaped?

Yes, the Jigsaw Doctor can replace edge pieces as easily as interior pieces. Generally the shape will not be a problem, although replacement pieces with particularly small 'arms' will be more fragile and easier to break than larger more standard shaped pieces. Such pieces generally have additional reinforcement added, but should still be treated with care. Also see the next question below.

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Can you replace pieces from photo mosaic puzzles?

Yes we can, but on this occasion it will really help to have a close up picture of the area containing the missing piece from the box.

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Can you replace double-sided jigsaw pieces?

Yes. If you want both faces of the missing piece(s) replaced, add the main replacement piece service to your shopping basket, then go to the 'Extra Options' category and add the 'Double-Sided Jigsaw Piece' service to your basket. Change the quantity for as many pieces as need replacing that have two sides.

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Can you replace jigsaws that have metal foil on them?

Although we have some metallic marker pens to try and reproduce the effect, the replacement will never be as good as the surrounding pieces. Having said that, we have successfully replaced a number of foil covered pieces without complaint.

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Can you replace jigsaws with glow-in-the-dark pieces?

We have some glow-in-the-dark pens and paint to add the fluorescent effect, but as with the metal foil pieces, the effect on the replacement will never be as good as the surrounding pieces. Once again we have successfully replaced glow-in-the-dark pieces without complaint.

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Can you replace pieces from 3D jigsaw puzzles?

No, we cannot replace 3D jigsaw pieces. This is because you use the surrounding pieces as a mould to make the replacement piece - something that we cannot do with a 3D piece.

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Can you replace foam or cork jigsaw puzzle pieces?

Yes we can, although the replacement will be in our special epoxy putty rather than foam or cork.

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What are the pieces made of, and how strong are they?

The Jigsaw Doctor has developed a special method and technique that uses an epoxy putty to re-create missing pieces. The material used to make the replacement sets like hard plastic and is very strong, but will break if mis-handled. Treat is like your other pieces and it should be ok, but don't bend it or tread on it! Wooden jigsaw pieces will be replaced with the same material.

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How accurate a reproduction will the replacement piece be?

Your hand-made replacement jigsaw puzzle piece will be a good approximation of the original missing piece. This will include the chamfer effect around the edge on cardboard pieces that is caused by the way that the pieces are pressed.
The material used to reproduce your missing piece will be a different colour to the original cardboard or wood.
Colour matching will be as close as possible to the original, but is not guaranteed to be 100% perfect. (It will be difficult to spot the replacement without reasonably close examination).
Please also see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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I've just bought a brand new jigsaw puzzle and found it was supplied with a piece missing. What should I do?

If you've just bought a brand new jigsaw puzzle and think that it is defective in any way, contact the manufacturer. They should be able to supply a replacement for your missing piece. There are links to most of the main manufacturers on our links page.

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My question is not in this list. What should I do?

If we have not answered your question here, please go to the Contact Page to call us or send us a message.

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